Monday, 1 October 2012

Commando Kelly digs his heels in... a MidWar Mediterranean battle report

Brett and I enjoyed a MidWar battle the other day. We rolled up Cauldron, always a bugger of a battle to fight!

As is our club 'policy', the victor writes the Battlerep, and here it is, though presented in PDF format that you will have to download. Well worth it. 

Teaser pic:

Report: Commando Kelly


  1. The last desperate charge by the Germans, had been forced by me misunderstanding the victory conditions... I had misread, that from turn 6 the ATTACKER must still be pressuring BOTH objectives (be within 16" of them), or lose the game.

    I had lost the GPg platoon on one side but hadn't been concerned as I was still waiting to pounce on the other objective, (and waiting for the fricken Nebs to unpin to give me some smoke to cover my assault! The Neb platoon commander has now been shot and his replacement sent to the Eastern Front as a warning to all for this level of incompetence!)... it wasn't until Brett pointed out the wording of the victory conditions that I had one of those palm slaps forehead moments...

    It was not a good day to be a Kraut... Still I did get to MG up a whole load of GI's when my armoured mortar platoon arrived into the midst of Bretts at-the-doubled GI's... killed 8 stands thanks to some poor saves from Brett ;-)

  2. Sounds spookily reminiscent of my last game against Brett! I swear he has some strange voodoo dice-controlling powers...