Thursday, 13 September 2012



The little bit of blurp under the blog title, more or less says what we are about, but we thought you may like a like a little background about us.

We are a bunch 'middle-aged' gamers who have come together over the last few years, with a shared passion for wargaming in its myriad forms, with a recent great interest in Flames of War.

Current 'members' include myself ; Scott Bowman and, in no particular order, Messrs Bryan Thomson, Brett Mudgeway and Paul Waechter.

I have been in Kapiti for several years now, since '06, and met Bryan via the 'One Ring Forum', and shared a period playing GWs Lord of the Rings gaming... at this time Bryan was up in Palmerston North, and would endure the round trip down to Kapiti to get some games in... Bryan has since moved to Tawa, making him a little closer.

A couple of years back now, Brett moved in to the area from the Wellington/Hutt area, and we hooked up when our kids got chatting at Te Horo school and they realised both their dads were wargamers...  Brett and I subsequently enjoyed a period together playing Legends of the High Seas skirmish gaming and a spot of Black Powder, here and there... Back in November 2011, we had a crack at FoW, pretty much as newbies together.

I had dabbled a little in FoW prior to this but never found any local players, and didn't wish to endure the trip to the Wellington and Hutt clubs on a regular basis..., so my FoW gaming had gone on the back burner... in this respect Brett was pretty much in the same boat as me.

Within the last year another new arrival in the region; Paul moved to Kapiti from the Hutt, and brought a wealth FoW gaming experience with him. Paul had been a long time member of the Hutt club who have an active FoW group of players including a number of experienced guys who are also part of the BF playtester group. Paul and I connected over a chance trademe transaction, and that was it, pretty much full on since then.

Over this last year our gaming has gone from strength to strength. From an occasional game per month if I was lucky, to now enjoying getting games in on just about a weekly basis, on different days through the week depending on mutual arrangements, and we have even attended informal and  formal tournaments, such as Paul's Te Horo Hootenaney, Bob Pearces FRACAS 2012 and Wellington Warlords recent Call to Arms 2012.

Paul's Te Horo Hootenaney

We have also enjoyed doing demo games at the local Kapiti Wargames Club.

Hit the Beach demo game at Kapiti Wargames Club

We have enjoyed making links with the other clubs in the areas, both formal and 'virtual' including the Kapiti Fusiliers, and the new Kapiti Wargames Club based at Ngahina community centre (see link in sidebar) in Paraparaumu, and the Kapiti College club, again in Paraparaumu.

We also enjoy a great many connections with other folks of great wargaming notoriety in Kapiti, who though not active FoW players, share a wargaming passion with us. You know who you are so I wont make a huge long list here ! ;-)

As part of our ongoing FoW gaming we are looking to set up a small league to track our gaming against each other, and hope to have a prize available for the winner at the end!

Will it be my down trodden doughty Germans, Brett's hard charging Yanks, Paul's dug in experienced Paras, or his Soviet Horde, or Bryan's plucky Brit XXX Corp?

You'll just have to follow the blog and read about our exploits!

So, if your in the area, or passing through, and fancy some Flames of War, or other gaming drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.


  1. I'll look forward to the clubs exploits!

    1. Thanks Ray, I hope we keep things interesting for you.

  2. My Russian Strelkovy Will be there.

    1. Good man! Great to have you on board! :-)